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Mengapa Anda Harus Menjadi Peminum Kopi yang Cerdas

This is what ripe coffee cherries look like Seperti inilah bentuk ceri kopi yang sudah matang.   Their equivalent as fruits look like this Setara dengan buah-buahan segar seperti ini. They will generally taste fresh, juicy, sweet. Mereka umumnya akan terasa segar, berair, dan juga manis. These are rotten or rotting fruits, would you eat […]

Rawat Mesin Espresso-mu dengan 4 Langkah Sederhana Ini!

Ya, di balik pemakaian berhari-hari, inilah yang terjadi pada mesin espresso-mu. Tampak mengerikan, memang (bayangkan efeknya ke rasa kopimu!). Meski terlihat sangat ‘jahat’, sesungguhnya gundukan ampas kopi itu tidaklah sulit dibersihkan. Berikut ini adalah langkah-langkah membersihkan mesin espresso-mu setiap hari, di akhir shift. Langkah ke-1: Lepaskan Komponen Luar 1. Lepaskan saringan espresso dari group head […]

This Little Thing Most Baristas Are Missing

…And making your coffee taste awful. So you enter your neighbourhood cafe. The barista, beaming with joy, welcomes you with his ear-to-ear smile. While you are eyeing on the menu, he eagerly explains various delicacies of coffee you’d be tempted to try. You got sweet tongue, so you opt for natural-processed coffee. This time, you […]

How to Spot Stale Coffee in 10 Seconds

After it’s roasted, your coffee beans will keep on ‘breathing’ out gasses until it becomes stale. The one-way valve attached to the packaging helps getting out of this gas, keeping your coffee package from bursting out. Bag without valves clearly signs yellow light, as it means the coffee has been pre-staled or ‘aired’ before they are bagged. If the package doesn’t bloat, it’s either your coffee has run out of its freshness, or there is tiny hole somewhere on the packaging.

Why Is My Cup of Coffee So Expensive?

Some days you’re wondering if you’ve been ripped off. Some days it’s just about whether you’re willingly ripped off or not. Let’s do fool’s math on your cup of joe. If you’re looking at the global price for Arabica coffee, it ranges from $3- 3.50 USD/kg. That’s roughly IDR 45,000 per kilogram. A.k.a. exactly around […]

When Tubruk Drinkers Meet Espresso

If first impressions determines 90% of a relationship, espresso perhaps is the most unfairly misunderstood dude around the block. There is this classic tale of a Tubruk-drinker walking into a café. He saw the menu, which seem very intimidating to him. Full of foreign Italian-sounding terms he never heard of. ‘Asking the barista would seem […]

How To Know You’re Getting ‘Bad Coffee’ in 30 Secs

Might as well lower your expectations of your cup when you see these symptoms. Better yet, don’t order. Oily hopper Dirty portafilter Leftover milk Dirty tip of steam wand Damp cloth/multi-cloth Hissing sound when your milk is being prepared These subtle signs might be easy to miss. But don’t let your guard down, for they […]