Morph Coffee began as a idea to change the perception of how locals understood coffee “bitter and unpleasant”. We take our name from the word metamorphosis and we hope that this little change will generate a revolution in Indonesia.

Nestling in the flourishing coffee scene of Indonesia, we understand how looking beyond the hype & finding real quality behind the ornament could be a real time-consuming effort. Hereby our years of experience and practices of ‘morph’-ing have brought Morph Coffee Roaster’s beans to be consistent in quality, unique in experience.



Living up as the namesake, we are naturally drawn toward constant changes.

Not only meant to illustrate how immense coffee cherries have changed until they end up in our cup, ‘Morph’ also instills changes for the better as part of our routine.

This never-ending process is guided by our triad of beliefs:


Through experiences, we found that most coffees taste best when they’re fresh from the oven.

We never stock roasted coffee beans, which is why you may have to wait for a bit to get the freshly roasted coffee. Morph Coffee only roast to order.

We also believe in fresh ideas. We look for it through constant experimenting and researching. Unconventional as it may sound; we don’t have a specific blend for wholesale. To our own liking and to café owner’s benefit, there will never be two similar Morph blends out there.


We know where the coffee is from. We know when it was harvested, how it was harvested & processed.
Farmers work so hard to put characters into each and every beans, we don’t want those sweats go unnoticed. In respect for farmer’s specific treatment for every beans and the new flavors it brings, we make sure we name the beans respectively.


We believe there’s no stopping in learning, and that’s why we want to educate ourselves as much as possible. We also like to share our knowledge with the community to maintain the transparency.
We work with our sources to try new processes, and end up with some of Indonesia’s most unique microlots.

Through being as transparent as possible, guaranteeing freshness as it translates to quality, as well as nurturing habits of knowledge-sharing, Morph Coffee Roaster strips off the ignorance that draws us further from appreciating coffee as it is.